For each level-up of your hero, you gain one skillpoint. You can choose to upgrade a skill depending on previously used skillpoints:

1 - 4

Toughness: +2% HP per level

Shield Proficiency: +1 Armor and -0.1 second stun duration per level

5 - 9

Alchemy Lore: +5% potion effect per level

Axe Proficiency: +1% chance to deal double damage with axes per level

Blunt Weapon Proficiency: +1% stun chance with blunt weapons per level (Stun duration 2 Seconds)

Sword Proficiency: +1% chance to deal additional 40% damage with swords (depending on your health) per leve

10 - ?

Resolution: +100 max. Mana per level

Bloodlust: +1% chance of Mana Leech per attack and +1 Mana Regeneration per Level (Successful Mana Leech gains 10 Mana)

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